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season: May – October
optimal season:  July – Sept
Located in south central Oregon east of the Cascade Mountain Range, the Williamson River is one of America’s largest freshwater bodies, measuring approximately 100 miles long.  This nationally recognized treasure is home to the Great Basin redband trout which move to the river from Upper Klamath Lake to spawn as temperatures rise each summer.  The Williamson River is famous for its trophy-size trout and rewards anglers each season with photo-worthy catch and memories to last a lifetime.
The spring and summer seasons are the optimal times to visit the Williamson River which tops the lifetime lists of seasoned anglers far and wide.  Native rainbows often weigh in at over ten pounds and the redbands measure over 20 inches at three years.  Much of the shoreline is privately owned and difficult to access, therefore fishing is done exclusively from drift boats.

The Williamson is more suited for anglers with some experience as you need to cast Intermediate sinking lines at least 40'

This is a trophy fishery, don't expect big numbers of fish. There is a very good chance of catching a fish of a lifetime.


seasons: Summer/Winter – steelhead; Fall/Spring – Steelhead


Located in southwestern Oregon, the Rogue River flows west for approximately 215 miles from the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean and is a popular destination for fly fishing all year long. Known for its abundant salmon and steelhead populations, the Rogue River boasts over 150 miles of protected waterways, 58% of which have been designated Wild and Scenic.  The Rogue River was one of the original eight rivers named in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968 and thus is world reknown for its pristine habitat sought by local anglers and visitors alike.


Rugged canyons and protected land surround this unique river, so fishing is done from gravel bars as well as drift boats and rafts.  Challenging whitewater, abundant wildlife and extraordinary steelhead and salmon habitat make the Rogue River a true national treasure.  Grizzly Peak Fly Fishing, offers day trips on the Rogue River easily accessible from throughout the Rogue Valley. Contact us for details and to book the fly fishing trip of a lifetime today!


season: October - January


The Klamath River starts in southern Oregon and flows south west into the state of California and then meets the Pacific Ocean. It is one the most productive

steelhead rivers in California.

The fishing for us begins in California at Iron Gate Dam and from there it is un-damed for two-hundred miles to the Pacific Ocean. 

The Klamath river is perhaps best known for its runs of half-pounder steelhead. Immature Steelhead or half-pounders as they are called in the 14" to 18" range only spend one year in the ocean before returning to the Klamath by the thousands. Also good numbers of adult steelhead in the 3 to 9lb range thrown in the mix can make for a fantastic action packed day.


season June - October

Upper Klamath Lake is a large, shallow Lake east of the Cascade Range in south-central Oregon. The largest body of fresh water by surface area in Oregon, it is approximately 25 miles long and 8 miles wide and extends northwest from the city of Klamath Falls. It sits at an average elevation of 4,140 feet.

The lake is connected by a short channel to the smaller Agency Lake to the north. We focus on fishing the Rocky Point area. The target fish is the Redband trout which inhabit these waters, fish can reach up to and above 15lbs.


season: February - March


season: January - March 


season: May - September

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